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Due to my faith in these milestone times in our new Egypt to reunify and reassemble; I've recognized that we definitely need to establish an academic Egyptian international entity; represents and reflects the Egyptian Papyrology in its various branches:

(Ancient Egyptian Language, Ancient History, Arabic Papyrology, Classics Studies, Conservation, Coptic Archaeology, Coptic Papyrology, Egyptian Archaeology, Greco-Roman Archaeology, Greco-Roman History, Greek Language, Greek Papyrology, Islamic Archaeology, Latin Language, Modern History, Numismatics, Sematic Languages, Semitic Papyri).

Especially that Egypt has the priority of any other country to study this pure Egyptian science.  Thanks to ALLAH, I have established with colleagues from the other branches the Association of Egyptian Papyrologists (AEP) as an edifice to gather all these branches together as an initial modest step, followed, God willing, by other huge ones.

Prof. Magdy Ahmed Ismail

Professor of Greek, Papyrology and Inscriptions

Founder of AEP

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The Association of Egyptian Papyrologists A.E.P
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